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We may refuse you access to your safe deposit box if we ever suspect if we suspect there is a breach in security. This includes being under duress, accompanied by a suspicious individual, accompanied by an unauthorised individual or any other reasonable grounds.
The safe deposit box will not be accessible by anyone other than individuals who have been authorised by the original box owner. If there are no other users, the box will be transferred to the individually legally appointed.
If you wish to access your box outside of operational hours - you will need to pay a $150 service fee. Please note as our box users and demand increase Imperial Vaults will increase operational hours.
At Imperial Vaults, our bespoke security service is tailor made to suit your individual needs. With 24/7 around the clock security and a purpose-built facility, there is no place better to safely secure your possessions.
We will never volunteer any information to anyone. Only the box owner and authorised users will have access to the locker. Although if the New Zealand Government, Police, The Court serves us with a warrant requiring inspection of the box we may contact you to open the locker or may break the locker if you refuse.
As the box owner, you may nominate up to three box users for your safe deposit locker. Each user will need to be verified in person, undergo palm scanning registration and provide supporting documents requested to be able to access the safe deposit box.
Each box has unique safe deposit keys and cannot be copied. In the instance you lose one or both your keys you will forfeit any key bond and will be charged the balance for replacing the locks on your safe deposit box.
Imperial Vaults is a secure facility that will keep your prized objects safe. Safe deposit lockers prevent the loss of these objects from theft, fire, and even water damage. You can keep anything in your safe deposit locker with the exception of firearms, perishable goods, anything inflammable, corrosive, explosive, dangerous or anything else deemed offensive.
Imperial Vaults is a private organisation that runs the hire and purchase of safe deposit boxes.
All safe deposit boxes come with $10,000 insurance with additional cover available to purchase on request. Please see our insurance policy upon sign up for more details or contact admin@imperialvaults.co.nz.
To open a locker at Imperial Vaults we require a valid passport copy as well as proof of address from a government authority. You would also need to set approximately 30min to complete palm scanning registration and to review our rules of conduct for operating your safety deposit locker.
We allow up to 3 users per each safe deposit box provided they have been given authorisation by the safe deposit box owner. The requirements for each user is to provide a passport, proof of address and authorisation by the box user on sign up.
We have CCTV for all areas around Imperial Vaults. This includes the vault, lobby/reception as well as the onsite car-parks available which has lights for evening as well as CCTV.  Also our premises is remotely monitored 24/7.