Imperial Vault Industrial Safe Door

About Imperial Vaults

One of the most biggest concerns today is the safety of our precious belongings. There are some material goods that we own that is not giving us complete ease of mind due to the safety of it. 

This is where Imperial Vaults comes in. Imperial Vaults has taken into consideration what you would need. From 24/7 security systems, the most modern bio-metric security, a location that is suited to you for easy access and to top it all of - the best rates available in New Zealand for safe deposit boxes whether it is for rental or purchase.

Imperial Vaults has been built for you.


Get a Security Deposit Locker that Meets Your Needs

Imperial Vaults is a highly secure storage facility where you can rent or buy a security locker. Our facility is designed around you. We know you have precious belongings that you want to protect. To do this you need a security deposit locker that you trust and are comfortable using. We deliver on both objectives. 

Firstly, the security of our facility is second to none – in Auckland and further afield. This includes physical security measures such as thick steel walls and doors, as well as high-tech measures such as biometric palm scanning. We also operate a number of security measures that we don’t talk about and that you can’t see. This ensures the things that are valuable to you are kept as secure as possible.


Private and Confidential

Getting to us is easy – we are just off the southern motorway – and you can park right at the door. The box you rent or buy from us is dual key so it can only be accessed when you are present. Once the box is accessed you will be taken to a private room where you can open it. This ensures complete confidentiality.

In addition, you will find our team is friendly, professional, and efficient.

The threat of robbery or fire at your home or office is too much of a risk for the most important items in your life. Secure them today in a security deposit locker –